Hungry Higgs

The main strategy in Hungry Higgs is to balance between caution (don’t be knocked out by your opponents game piece) and greed (capture as much prey as possible).


Keeping up appearances:

Perhaps your opponent is able to knock you home – but he might be more interested in capturing preys. Don’t let him discover that he can knock you home.

Figure it out:

Hungry Higgs is played on a sort of tilt. This means that weight close to the middle of the board will appear to weigh less than weight situated longer away from the middle. If you capture prey on your opponents half of the board it will appear heavier than if you had captured it from your own half of the board.

It is also a good idea to figure out the probability for being knocked home by your opponent.

Steal space:

If you can place your game piece in the middle of the board – but in safe distance from your opponent – do it. Thus your opponent will have trouble to make a safe move when it is his turn.

Find out what kind of risk you want to take to find the balance between capturing prey, stealing space or being knocked home.