Starting formation:

Regler for Hungry Higgs

Quick rules:

In Hungry Higgs you try to get the most possible weight placed on your own half of the course. The game is played with one game piece for each person. The prey pieces are marked with an indication of weight and a square. The game pieces are marked with a triangle and a circle. You move your game piece in relation to the number of dots that you throw with two dice.

When the game starts:

The counterweight is placed on the mark outside line 0. Each player now throws one die each, and the player who throws the higher number moves his game piece according to the throw of both dice. If your opponent throws a 1 and your throw a 3, you move your game piece 1 square and 3 squares.
You decide the order yourself.

How the game piece is moved:

You have to move your game piece so that you go in one direction (diagonally or straight – forwards, backwards or sidewards) for the number of dots on each die. For example, if you throw a three with a die, you have to choose either to go straight ahead three squares or diagonally three squares. If you can land your game piece on a square where there is a prey piece, you take the prey piece and place it on a yellow square on your half of the course. You always have to place your prey on the yellow square that is closest to the centre. Only one prey can be located on each yellow square. When you have moved your game piece according to the number of dots on both dice, you move the counterweight in such a way that the board again comes into a horizontal position.

How you win in Hungry Higgs:

  1. When you have collected so much weight on your own half of the course that the board can no longer be balanced, even if the counterweight is in the outermost position.
  2. When you can land your own game piece on your opponent´s game piece with either one or two dices rolled, and knock your opponent out.
  3. If you don’t win in one of the ways above, you win the game if your have more weight on your half of the course when all the prey pieces have been taken.

An entire game of Hungry Higgs is best out of five sets. You can thus win in Hungry Higgs with the sets 3-2, 3-1 or 3-0. The loser of a set starts the next set by rolling his dice and moving his game piece.



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